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Made to inspire joy and imagination… At Dodo Studio, we design objects that are fondly familiar yet curiously odd and exciting. Each design is a handmade work of art, a manifestation of careful craftsmanship and fantastic whimsy.   It’s our belief that by embracing joy, you not only gain more of it in your own life, but you also share it more readily with others. This sentiment is instilled into everything we make.

In accordance with our mission to make the world a more joyful place, we subscribe to the following business practices... 

  • Sustainability: We source sustainably produced cotton fabrics and merino wool. Our pillow stuffing is made from 100% recycled polyester. Designs and patterns are produced to eliminate/use scraps that would otherwise be discarded in tradtional manufacturing.  

  • Living Wages: We ethically produce all our goods in Los Angeles, CA ensuring living wages to all craftspeople who make our goods. We support American manufacturing by keeping our production local and thus more environmentally sustainable. 

  • Inclusion: As an LGBQT+ owned business, we are all about inclusion, diversity, and intersectional allyship. 



Dodo is the brainchild of Los Angeles based artist & designer Jack Reed. There is a picture of me at the bottom for added context. ; )



Dodo Studio was born out of the Covid crisis, but probably began when I was a young child with my first box of crayons.  When the 2020 pandemic started, I lost my job designing sets in Hollywood, CA. This adjustment initially began as a letdown, but then I saw an opportunity in the situation... A chance to restart my creative career, doing something that I truly love and believe in... making art and simultaneously bringing more joy into this world. From this mission, Dodo Studio was born. 


Yep! We do wholesale! If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact us below... 


All creations are sold as art. Each item is made with the utmost care & consideration, and is inspected for quality throughout fabrication. If you choose to use the art for utilitarian purposes, normal wear-and-tear may occur.  That said, we are happy to do repairs on consignment for any worn item. Please contact us below if you have a problem or question regarding your order. Returns are possible.  


When you order an item there might be a slight color variation from the product picture,  based upon your monitor’s color setting. 


A $10 flat shipping fee is placed on all orders under $75. Orders over $75 ship for free. We use USPS 3 Day Priority shipping on all purchases.  Orders are shipped three days a week--every Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning.  If you require rush shipping, please leave a note with your order or contact the studio via email.  Extra charges will occur for expedited shipping in the form of a PayPal request. 


Have an idea? The studio loves to create commissions and custom work. If you have a specific colorway in mind, or want a specific artwork to accent your home decor, please email the studio to begin the co-creation process. It takes up to 2-4 weeks to fabricate & ship custom work depending on the specifics of the project.


Here is a link to our merino wool color swatches.... Wool! 



Each artwork is carefully sewn by artist Jack Reed in his studio in Los Angeles, California. Materials are sourced from domestic and international producers. 



We just launched, so there haven't been many questions yet. Feel free to contact us (see below) and start asking away! 


Want to contact us? Have a question or two? Feel free to send an email to or use the form below... Looking forward to hearing from you : ) 



This is me, we, dodo ceo, --jAck in my living room studio....

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