Cuddly art for you, your couch, or your favorite kids... 

Made to inspire joy and wonder... At Dodo Studio, ​we strive to design and create objects that are fondly familiar yet curiously odd and exciting.  We find inspiration from a wide variety of lived and imagined sources; playfully combining elements of art, interior design, and the childlike-whimsical critters that inhabit my imagination (and possibly this world).


At Dodo we believe that engaging our imagination is a fantastic means to explore, discover, and create joy. Accordingly, we believe art is a physical manifestation of joy. By sharing art we not only spread art & joy to others, we also reinforce their same beautiful energy in our own lives. This sentiment is instilled into everything we make. We strive to design and create objects that are fondly familiar yet curiously odd and exciting. Lovable, shareable, giftable manifestations of joy and wonder.



Dodo Studio was born out of the Covid crisis, but probably began when I was a young child with my first box of crayons.  When the 2020 pandemic started, I lost my job designing sets in Hollywood, CA. This adjustment initially began as a letdown, but then I saw an opportunity in the situation... A chance to restart my creative career, doing something that I truly love and believe in... making art and simultaneously bringing more joy into this world. From this mission, Dodo Studio was born. 



Dodo is the brainchild of Los Angeles based artist & designer Jack Reed. There is a picture of me at the bottom for added context. 


All Dodo creations are organized by category and color.  Some colorways may be limited.  Commissioned colorways are welcomed. : )


Each colorway has a unique inspiration. Many find their roots in geographical locations, and the resulting energy and colors I experience while in that space. Other colorways are inspired by memories, or existing objects.  Using a palette and graphic symbols, I transcribe my inspiration-centric sentiments into form.

While many unique Dodos exist, and while we are always experimenting with new shapes and forms, we do have some tested favorites that you will notice. Here is a visual breakdown of our favorites... 

Gumdrop - these dodos are the perfect couch companion. They love to sit on a cushion or bed--or even on a desk or shelf--somewhere where they can bask and relax.  

Gem Babies -  make fabulous friends for kids. These cuddly companions are inspired by the colors and qualities of gemstones... Gem Babies may or may not live underground in caves where they eat rocks and make crystals…. kinda like bees with flowers and honey. Accordingly, each Gem Baby is bestowed with the metaphysical properties of its namesake gemstone..

Dream Genie -  are calming and conscientious companions.  Lay them on your bed, your couch or wherever you like napping. Tell them your worries and woes, or whatever you wish to manifest. Close your eyes and let the Dream Genie do its work, easing the gap between reality and imagination. Their special pocket is a great place to store your intentions, a totem, or even a toy.

Heart - This powerful dodo shape brings incredible amounts of love, inner peace, and joy to the beholder. 


All creations are sold as art. Each item is made with the utmost care & consideration, and is inspected for quality throughout fabrication. If you choose to use the art for utilitarian purposes, normal wear-and-tear may occur.  That said, we are happy to do repairs on consignment for any worn item. Generally, no returns  or exchanges. 


When you order an item there might be a slight color variation from the product picture,  based upon your monitor’s color setting. 


A $10 flat shipping fee is placed on all orders under $75. Orders over $75 ship for free. We use USPS 3 Day Priority shipping on all purchases.  Orders are shipped three days a week--every Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning.  If you require rush shipping, please leave a note with your order or contact the studio via email.  Extra charges will occur for expedited shipping in the form of a PayPal request. 


Have an idea? The studio loves to create commissions and custom work. If you have a specific colorway in mind, or want a specific artwork to accent your home decor, please email the studio to begin the co-creation process. It takes up to 2-4 weeks to fabricate & ship custom work depending on the specifics of the project.


Here is a link to our merino wool color swatches.... Wool! 



Each artwork is carefully sewn by artist Jack Reed in his studio in Los Angeles, California. Materials are sourced from domestic and international producers. 



We just launched, so there haven't been many questions yet. Feel free to contact us (see below) and start asking away! 


Want to contact us? Have a question or two? Feel free to send an email to or use the form below... Looking forward to hearing from you : ) 



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