Gem Babies make fabulous friends for kids, or colorful and curious cushions for adults. These cuddly companions are inspired by the colors and qualities of gemstones…


"Gem Babies may or may not live underground in caves where they eat rocks and make crystals…. kinda like bees with flowers and honey. Accordingly, each Gem Baby is bestowed with the metaphysical properties of its namesake gemstone. "


Type: Gem Baby 


Colorway: Amethyst


Qualities: Amethyst is the stone of healing and protection, bestowing balance and a healthy body, mind, soul, and environment.


Like all Dodos, Gem Babies are hand made with the utmost love and superb craftsmanship put into each creation. Created with soft 100% merino wool felt, backed with cruelty-free faux fur, and stuffed with 100% recycled polyester filler (repurposed plastic bottles). No zipper. No separate liner. Machine and hand stitched, one at a time, in California. Eco-friendly, sourcing domestic recycled material (filler), all natural, sustainable wool.


6.5" x 5" x 3.5" + 2"

H x W x D + Ears


Please note that all Dodo creations are handmade and despite our best efforts to create the perfect Gem Baby every time, each one is unique and may contain minor variations... or as we like to call it, character.

Gem Baby - Amethyst

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