Name:            Fruitopia #5

Colorway:     Fruitopia

Shape:           Dream Genie


Fruitopia #5 is a sewn object inspired by the celebratory realm of 90's nostalgia. Channeling a bold color pallette from my youth, the Fruitopia colorway evokes memories of trapper-keepers and tamagotchis, bop-its and braces, and its namesake beverage line RIP. 


Dream Genies are very thoughtful and calm. Lay them on your bed, your couch or wherever you like napping. Tell them your worries and woes, or whatever you wish to manifest. Close your eyes and let the Dream Genie do its work. 


Created with polar fleece, faux fur, 85% recycled acrylic felt, and loose polyfil stuffing. No zipper. No separate insert liner. Machine and hand stitched, one at a time, in California.


7" x 10" x 4" + 12"

H x W x D + Tails

Fruitopia #5

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